Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Age is More than a number

Don't ask me why, but I'm depressed more than usual. Why you ask? My brother - my little brother - is turning 30 today. Three Oh. Man, do I feel old.

Usually I just get depressed around my birthday and the holiday season (which is coming up soon) so this is a change for me. Is change good? You be the judge.

Actually the day itself was very good. I finally got a chance to get out and photograph Julie (my "baby sister" - a long story) this afternoon. We've been trying to do this for a year, and it finally came together today. I would have liked to do it a few weeks ago when the leaves were still on the trees and in their full colorful glory, but it wasn't to be. We should have done something last week Tuesday, because the fog during the day made it a very evil, surreal feeling outside. All that was missing was some suspense music. Maybe some Danny Elfman.

Nevertheless, I went up to the farm north of Cedar Springs where she keeps her horse. She was still riding when I arrived, but soon we went way out into one of the fields where there was an old fallen tree. It makes for a great photo spot, and I shot a bunch of pictures of her with her horse, as she had no good ones yet. After the stump, we moved down to another area near a really large, evil looking tree (think Sleepy Hollow), where I proceeded to shoot even more with her and the horse.

We then walked back to the barn, where the horse was unsaddled and walked to a fenced area so she could romp with a few of her horse friends. She and I went back out to the tree (after she changed out of her riding clothes and into "civvies") for some informal portraits. I was shooting in both color and black & white, since there is just something about black & white photography that is appealing to the situation. I shot a bunch of photos of her on the tree and around the farm, with some nice wider shots of her walking in the fields and looking at the farm from a hill. I hope they turn out good. I'm always worried I will screw something up.

I finally left her around 4, because I had to stop at Best Buy and get my brother a present for his birthday. I settled on Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD because I A) knew he liked it, and B) he asked for it. :) We had dinner at 4:30, mainly to be done and done with dishes and stuff before the sniveling, whiny rugrats came around for their Halloween candy. I always want to leave the lights off.

I did go up to the store for something to drink, where Jamie was dressed up like Tinkerbelle. After a few minutes of talking she said she'd like to go out and let me photograph her someday. I said we'd wait until next Spring so we could have some nice outdoor shots.

Ended up falling asleep on the couch just after That 70's Show was on. All that walking in the afternoon wore me out. I must have walked over a mile at the farm. I'm not complaining though. Far from it. I got the exercise I never get, I was out in the country where it's quiet and peaceful, and I was in the company of a wonderful young lady. Almost like heaven...