Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Got a Bad Feeling About This...

And no, it's nothing to do with Star Wars. It's about a planetarium light show.

Around here, we have a planetarium, named after a local astronaut (now deceased, unfortunately). What is also unfortunate is that they don't really do anything to pull in large crowds, and make science available to the general public. They are more interested in pandering to the rich people in town. And they, like the museum they are located at, charge exorbitant prices to see shows and exhibits. Because of this, they never have crowds. Also, because they never do anything that is popular.

One of the things that is popular are laser light shows. Now, they don't do anything to further the study and appreciation of astronomy and the sciences, but they bring some (usually) good music so the (mainly) stoners of the area can go, spend $7 each, and sit wasted for an hour. Their standby shows are Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. They have done some Led Zeppelin in the past, along with crappy music like Radiohead and Creed.

What I have said to them for years is "hey, do a Rush light show." There is a huge Rush fan base here in west Michigan, and they will have no problem selling tickets. Heck, all they would have to do is put the 2112 album to music and effects. It's perfect. And for years, nothing.

Now I hear that "sometime in 2008" there is a Rush show on the schedule. I made it quite clear that I would like to "be in on it" (I do have many contacts down there, and have "hung out" at the planetarium for years). Suddenly I see today that on February 16th there is a Rush show, featuring "a new lineup of Rush’s greatest hits." This scares me.

Why does it scare me? Because the "person" in charge of the production is frickin' 20-something years old!! He doesn't even like the music. How is he qualified to pick what songs should be used? I'm afraid he's just going to go for the popular ones, like Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio, and Closer to the Heart. Those are great songs, but probably not the best for a laser light show.

I was thinking Fly by Night, Countdown, an edited Cygnus X-1 (to name a few). But I am 99.999999% sure that these songs won't be used.

And when the show fails to bring in audiences, they will use their standard "it's not the right show for this area." And all because they themselves screwed it up. Which is too bad, because it could be glorious.

Friday, January 25, 2008

We're All Gonna Die!!!

A ginormous asteroid is going to slam into the Earth next week!!!

Oh wait... that's patently WRONG!!!

Head on over to SpaceWatch for the real story, and a link to Phil Plait's video.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I read earlier today that Bobby Fischer passed away. No matter how eccentric or strange he was these past years, he will always be the person I remember who popularized chess and brought it to the world stage when he defeated Boris Spassky in 1972.

I didn't realize until today that I learned chess at the same age he did - 6 years old. I never got to the Grand Master level that he did, but I was a fairly good player. Unfortunately I haven't played in years, because there's no one to play with.

Thanks Bobby. You gave me a game I was good at.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mitt Romney = Evil

It's too bad "truth in advertising" doesn't extend to the candidates and their typical rhetoric.

Romney makes these statements that he's "from Michigan" and "knows how Michigan feels." How can he, when he hasn't lived here in years?

And backing some of Bush's ideas? That's a strike against him as well.

I've talked to quite a number of people my age and younger (I'm mid-40's) and for us, Romney's name means nothing. Heck, Milliken was governor here when I was a kid.

Romney speaks of "change" and "getting rid of the status-quo" in Washington, but he's just the same - another life-long politician who's in it for himself, and not the public.

Personally, to me, he looks like one of those slick used car salesmen that you can't trust at all. And since he's a lawyer, it makes it doubly sure you can't trust him.

I just wish the candidates would tell the truth, and not make stuff up.

And before I get flamed, I'm not a democrat. I remain neutral, and will vote who I think will do the job, not because someone tells me to. That's the problem with both parties. They demand people to vote a certain way, and if you don't do what they want, you are evil.

Again, it looks like this election - overblown as it is already - is shaping up to being "pick the lesser of two evils."

Again. Mitt Romney is evil. He cannot be trusted. Do not listen to him.

(this message brought to you by me, a non-committed individual with no party affiliations, who votes his own mind).