Thursday, October 30, 2003

Photo Sessions are Fun!!

It was a great fall day today, and Cat and I went out to a little park I know in Ada for some portrait shots. I had used this park before when I did some senior portraits for clients, and knew it was a great place.

We had a terrific time. I think I shot about three rolls of film on her, which is pretty easy considering she's probably the most photogenic person I know.

We spent about 3 hours wandering around, trying different poses (and changes of outfits), and decided to head home as the sun was setting. As we were about to get off the highway to her house, I asked her if she wanted to try a sunset shot. She was game.

(Note: when I was in college one of the projects I turned in for a photo assignment was a shot of a friend of mine at the beach. She was holding the setting sun in her hands, it turned out really good).

So we raced up the highway to the west of GR, and get way out past Fruit Ridge on a road going west. We ended up in a drive area at a farm, and we hopped out of the car as the red sun hung low in the west sky. I showed Cat where to stand and hold her hands out, then I set up the camera and shot off a bunch of photos (bracketing is your friend). I got a real good feeling about those shots.

We then left and I got her home around 7 I think. I had a great time, and I hope she did. Film will go in tomorrow, and we’ll see how I (and her) did.