Friday, January 11, 2008

Mitt Romney = Evil

It's too bad "truth in advertising" doesn't extend to the candidates and their typical rhetoric.

Romney makes these statements that he's "from Michigan" and "knows how Michigan feels." How can he, when he hasn't lived here in years?

And backing some of Bush's ideas? That's a strike against him as well.

I've talked to quite a number of people my age and younger (I'm mid-40's) and for us, Romney's name means nothing. Heck, Milliken was governor here when I was a kid.

Romney speaks of "change" and "getting rid of the status-quo" in Washington, but he's just the same - another life-long politician who's in it for himself, and not the public.

Personally, to me, he looks like one of those slick used car salesmen that you can't trust at all. And since he's a lawyer, it makes it doubly sure you can't trust him.

I just wish the candidates would tell the truth, and not make stuff up.

And before I get flamed, I'm not a democrat. I remain neutral, and will vote who I think will do the job, not because someone tells me to. That's the problem with both parties. They demand people to vote a certain way, and if you don't do what they want, you are evil.

Again, it looks like this election - overblown as it is already - is shaping up to being "pick the lesser of two evils."

Again. Mitt Romney is evil. He cannot be trusted. Do not listen to him.

(this message brought to you by me, a non-committed individual with no party affiliations, who votes his own mind).

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