Sunday, August 12, 2001


Tired is the word for the day.

Last night I got to the hill a tad late ("stewardess, what exactly is a tad?") and rushed to get things ready for visitors' night. I tried to take a nap earlier, but it didn't work out. After enduring several hours of showing the "great unwashed public" the view of Mars and M17 through the scope (and having to put up with teenagers in the dome for 20 minutes - obnoxious brats), we got down to the business at hand: watching the Perseid meteors. Bob & Sara showed up, along with my brother and his friend Lee. Tom showed up with some friends of his - a young lady he's been photographing, and her brother. We all sat outside to get the best view, but that's all there was - a view. No meteors to speak of. From midnight until we finally packed it in after 3:30, I saw maybe 20 meteors. Not the advertised 75 per hour. The only thing to hope for is good meteor counts for the Leonids in November and the Geminids in December. (Note to astro gods: I want these hours back. I could have been sleeping.)

Bob & Sara (or Bob&Sara to keep them together) stayed the latest, and left at 3:45 when I did. Got home a little after 4, logged onto the net to post my observations to the newsgroups and my Michigan Astronomers group, then hit the bed at 4:30. Ah, bliss!

But not for long! No sooner than I fall asleep than the stupid PHONE RINGS! I jump up to get it, and notice that it's 7:30. And what's worse, it's a wrong number. I tried to get back to sleep, but couldn't. I went downstairs, turned on the TV to the NASA channel, and half dozed until 10:00, when I went to the computer show (purchases: more RAM, blank CD-R's, CD cases).

Kinda boring rest of the afternoon. I'm trying to get a few minutes to relax, as its hill time again tonight if it stays clear. I've got to enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow, because on Tuesday (I'm pretty sure) I have to go back to the hell that is work. The only bright side is that I'll get this roll of film developed.

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