Friday, April 12, 2002

Orbital Mechanics

What might have been...

First, a few quotes:

"We are planets to each other
Drifting in our orbits
To a brief eclipse
Each of us a world apart
Alone and yet together
Like two passing ships"
-- Neil Peart

"The other Yoda spoke of was your twin sister."
-- Obi-Wan Kenobi

"Wendy, Wendy what went wrong..."
-- Beach Boys

Tonight I spent a few hours with a woman (she of the name Wendy) who was probably the closest thing to my other half, but knowing that it was just this one night.

Tuesday was the first night I met her, out at the observatory, when the group she was in visited. Someone made a comment that elicited a response from both her and I at the same time, quoting the movie "Airplane." All of a sudden I looked up and had a flash. I asked her, "Python?" To which she started quoting Monty Python! Amazing! We spent the next hour throwing episode and movie quote at each other.

Cut to tonight. I was hoping she was going to be back with the group tonight. Sure enough she was. And we took up right where we left off the other night. We were in such "synch" it wasn't funny. Well, actually it was really funny, and we were throwing one-liners, movie quotes, etc., back and forth. It was really weird. In fact, a few people commented on that it seemed that we were twins, causing her to say, "I found my brother!" and me saying "Sis?" It was that intense.

We quoted the same stuff... laughed at the same things... made the same gestures... and what's really intense, we were easily able to finish each other's sentences. Almost like we shared the same consciousness/brain. It was the most enjoyable time I have had in (possibly) decades.

But that was it – just one night. She left around 10:30, and I know I won’t ever see her again.

After her whole group had left, I wandered over to the west lawn, where one of the guys was telling the others how "Kevin and this girl were really hitting it off. It was amazing how they were connecting." I only wish.

“Yes we’ll never know… what might have been.” If only…

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