Sunday, October 15, 2006

A "Swan" through the Clouds

Even though it was clear most of the day, it was clouding up towards evening, screwing up my chance to see one of the comets up there right now - C/2006 M4 (SWAN).

I got out to the observatory early, and as the clouds started to break up, I got things aligned and swung the 16-inch over to the west - where there were more clouds. So I patiently waited.

Finally, at around 8.15pm a sucker hole appeared, right in front of the scope's field of view. I jumped to the eyepiece, and there it was: a beautiful little bluish fuzzy, with an easily discernable coma. There were a few field stars in the area; otherwise the comet dominated the field at just over 100x.

Now for the new “Levy” comet. I was going to look for Faye, but upon going over my old notes I saw that one already. :)

But SWAN goes into the log, as my 46th comet observed over the years. But I want more, you understand!!!! MORE!!!!!!!

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