Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sky at Night

Ah the beauty of the night sky.

For the first time in a long time, I went out under the stars tonight. I haven't done any observing in a long time, and I missed it. not only from a scientific viewpoint as an astronomer, but from a calming, aesthetic viewpoint as just a relief form the stresses of everyday life.

While either standing out under the canopy of the celestial sphere, or observing and becoming reacquainted with old friends through the telescope, it's a personal thrill just to be able to "unplug" from life and get back to the joys of discovery.

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Andrew said...

Your article gives me hope.I live in NewHampshire and the skies have been absolutely dreadful this winter!.I also have a lot of pentup stress that only can only be relieved by getting my scope out and observing (cabin fever!).I observe and image in the middle of town.Their is something rather soothing about listening to a town going to sleep!.
Clear skies!