Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let's go to the Carnival (of Space)!

(I should have posted this Thursday morning, but was no where near a computer with internet access for a few days. Sorry all.)

The latest Carnival of Space (#7) is up and being hosted by Dr. Pamela Gay at her Star Stryder site. Head on over there and read the Carnival blogs.

And while you're there, read what Pamela has to say. There's a reason I have a link to her site on this one.

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Ed said...

Hi, I maintain the Space Blogroll, a list of all the space-/astronomy-/rocketry-related blogs that I can find. I recently added your blog to the blogroll; including yours there are now 189 blogs on the blogroll. If you would like to add the Space Blogroll to your sidebar, you can find the necessary code for that here. If you don't want to add the space blogroll, that's ok too, you're on the blogroll regardless. If you ping Blogrolling after each post, then your blog rises to the top of the blogroll.

I also run the Space Feeds aggregator, which brings together the 20 most recent space blog posts from over 120 blogs (including this one), the 20 most recent news stories from three dozen space news sites, astronomy picture of the day, NASA TV, astronomy podcasts, and loads of space-related links. You might find it a useful tool.