Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Not Do It Again

Loyal readers (yeah, like I have any) will remember that this time last year I got roped into participating in a local photo exhibition/competition, and it didn't go well. I swore then I would never do it again.

Well, I did. And I think it was somewhat worse this year.

(Note: Names of individuals have been shortened to just their initials. That way it could be anyone whose name starts with a particular initial. By keeping it vague, I keep from getting bitched out)

The theme this year was "Wetlands and Water" in order to show "concern for the environment" and to make the rules a bit more focused than last years' debacle. I wasn't starting out to submit anything, because I didn't care about it. When asked to participate, I said no. But then I took a really cool (at least I thought) shot of a sunset over the Thornapple river reservoir back at the end of August. We were having spectacular sunsets due to some volcanic activity in the Aleutian Islands, giving us intense colors at sunrise and sunset. The water was nearly calm, and I got a wonderful reflection of the sky in the water. It was a perfect example of "water" for this photo thingy.

I went to my local professional lab, and got the image printed. I unfortunately told someone there - "K" - about the competition, and she opened her stupid mouth and told "S" there at the lab what I was doing with the image ("S" was involved in last years' debacle, and I had sworn to her I would never do it again). So I got pissed off at "K" for blabbing about my image. Why can't women keep their mouths shut?

So I go ahead and get the image printed as an 8x12, and get it matted and framed. And due to screw ups, this cost me more than I was planning on, especially for an event I cared nothing about. I submitted it last week, and that was that.

Cut to tonight, when there was the "artist opening" at a local library. I go out there to see how things went, knowing that I have a nice photo (again, I think so) but it won't win any prizes. That would be even more stupid to think anyone would like my work. I walk in, and noticed that there's not as many images submitted as last year, to start. I take a look around, noting that some of the shots look pretty good, and some are just "formulaic" in their approach to the subject. Also, I take much notice about how crappy some of the matting and framing is. It looks like a kindergartner did them, or someone with mental problems. In sort, some of these suck. I also see an image by someone I don't care for, because she's one of these "I bought a camera, so I'm a photographer" people (you know the type). I shrugged it off, and moved on. I then ran into "P" who told me she was glad I submitted something (I purposely didn't tell her I was submitting anything). She then moved off to talk to someone else, and I turned to on of the other display areas to see more photos.

And to my shock and amazement, I see an image from "K"!! I can't believe it! Of all the fucking nerve!! Up until last week she didn't even know about this, and now she's got stuff in the show!! She must have went out and shot something really fast and got it ready. I guess it's my fault, because I mentioned this show, but I never told her much about it. But the nerve of her. What a bitch. As I stand there in shock, I actually see her and the previously-noted person I hate looking at the submissions. Well, before she can see me, I turn around. There's no way I can face her after this backstabbing she gave me (typical how women seem to do that).

Well, as with last year's losing to shitty photos, I got pissed off and left. I don't think I was there for ten minutes. I got int he car, and drove off, fuming and getting more pissed off by the minute. How DARE she do something like that, and also how can this group even call this a photo exhibition when they let craptastic and shoddy matting/framing be accepted? Again, like last year, NO MORE!!! I dont' even want to hear about this event again. In fact, I don't want to hear about any photo exhibitions.

I never found out where my photo will be hanging for the next month, and I don't really care. When it comes time to pick it up, it's just gonig to sit there. Since I don't know where it is, how can I pick it up? And what the fuck will I do with it once I have it back? Last year's photos are sitting gathering dust in a corner. I entertained the thought it going and picking it up, and smashing it right in front of the people. I mean, I don't care about it, so who can say anything if I destroy my own work?

And as to "K"? Fuck her (figuratively). I want nothing to do with her, nothing to do with her place of employment (the lab where I got my stuff printed) again. Bitch.

So ther moral of the story? Don't get involved in anything, and never talk to anyone. Keep all your thoughts and ideas to yourself, because someone will steal them. Trust no one.

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