Thursday, September 27, 2001

Production Values

Today was so productive. Didn't do a darn thing except fool around with the layout of the website.

Last night was the premiere of the new Star Trek show Enterprise. I was cautiously optimistic for it, and rightly so. It's not as bad as Voyager (yet), so there might be hope. But I doubt it. Berman & Co. wouldn't know what to do with Trek if they were omniscient. The theme song sucked Klingon Targ bile. I'm right now listening to the song "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling. That's the song used in the teasers all summer. Too bad they didn't use it. I could have lived with it.

Maybe I'm too picky. I thought it would be a lot better. Oh well. I knew better than to get my hopes up. I'll just look forward to Fellowship of the Ring in December. Oh yeah! And Buffy next week. And every week.

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