Sunday, March 10, 2002

It's Really Bad

Saturday had to be the worst day of my life (at least recently).

Everything was fine this morning getting ready for work (yes, some of us have to work on the weekends). I then decided just before leaving that I would take the roll of film that was in my main camera to be developed, as there was only 3 shots left of the roll. On said roll I had shots of the moon/Jupiter conjunction, some SFX shots of the moon with the telescope at the observatory, and a bunch of shots of the blizzard from last weekend - snow on the branches, sun shafts, etc. I was anxious to look at them.

I started to rewind the film, but something didn't feel right, so I took it in the dark and opened the camera. What I found shocked me to the core: There wasn’t a roll of film in there! Everything from the past two weeks was gone: it never existed! I have never made that mistake in all my years as a photographer. It was a mistake an amateur would make!

Needless to say that ruined the day completely. Work was just as bad, as the film mistake screwed up my karma for the day. Nothing went right at work, and I barely made it through the day.

Man, if I’m making amateur mistakes, how can I even think about teaching people about photography? Heck, how can I think about shooting Julie anymore, let alone Kat, Kate, Samantha, or anyone else? Or Sharon’s wedding? I’m ab-so-f*cking-worthless! Who have I been kidding?

Now we’ll see what fate has in store for me in the days to come…

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