Wednesday, January 03, 2007

President Ford Lying in State

As of midnight last night, there are nearly 60,000 people downtown waiting in line for up to eight hours to pay their respects, as President Ford lies in repose.

The line starts on the other side of the Public Museum on the foot bridge over the river, down Monroe to Pearl St. Down Pearl Street over the bridge to just at the front of the museum, then doubles back to Monroe.

Then the line goes down Monroe past DeVos Place, and turns right onto Bridge St. It goes down Bridge past the Post Office to Scribner, then doubles back AGAIN to DeVos Place. There, you go inside and wind your way around like you're in line at Disneyland/Cedar Point (serpentine-like), then you walk across another footbridge across the river to the Ford Museum.

They estimate the line, if people were single file, would stretch over 5 miles long.

I went down there this morning, and the line at 8.30 was only about 1/2 hour long. When I left, it was up to 2 hours long.

It was something to see. More when words can be written clearly.

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