Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Can't Win

It seems I just can't win, when it comes to some things.

It looks like it's going to be clear the whole weekend, so I reserved last night at the observatory so I could just go out, relax, and do some observing. Even take a few photos. But I was wrong.

I get out there to find one of the members opening one of the telescopes. He tells me he's there to help with a group tour. "What group tour," I say. Mostly because for one thing, I know I had the night reserved, and also because when groups make appointments to visit the observatory, I'm the one who sets it up. Well, apparently someone - who doesn't have the authority to do so - decided to let a group come out. This person didn't bother to check the observing calendar to see if anyone had reserved the place; they just decided it was okay to let a group come up.

So I grumble and complain under my breath while I'm getting my tripod and camera set up, and another club member comes up to help with the group, and he parks right in my way! I yell at him to move his car, and he looks at me like I'm insane. I tell him he's going to ruin my photograph with his car there, and he wants to know why. Why? Because your fracking car is in the way, you imbecile!! He reluctantly moves the car.

So I figure out where I need to set the camera, and now just wait until the time when the space station (ISS) flies over. While I'm waiting, another club member - but one I invited up - arrives. The imbecile member asks him why I'm so angry. Sheesh.

Well, to finish this rant, the station flies over, I get the picture, and then I go into the building and up into the dome to begin observing. I don't care about the others out there - they are interfering with my peace of mind; damaging my calm. And I came out there to be calm.

No wonder I resigned my positions in the club. Who wants to be the leader of a bunch of morons?

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