Monday, May 21, 2001

Missed Opportunities

Figures! All the fun things happen while I'm at work.

I'm standing doing my job, when over the intercom comes word that there's a Tornado Warning for us. Aughh!! And what's worse, I find out that there have been touchdowns, not just TVS's (tornadic vortex signatures, for you lay-people) from the Nexrad system.

One of the guys who I work with saw a vortex, and apparently a funnel passed right over work. Yeah! And also, Christie was up in the break room, and saw the damn thing pass right over!

Also funny is that I walked to one of the security people during this. He was holding a weather radio and listening to it. I asked what was going on, and he replied that it was none of my business and I wouldn't understand. Yeah, right. Me not understand. I've just been chasing weather since the mid-1980's. So I open my wallet and whip out the card I have from the National Weather Service - the one that says I'm a trained spotter. Well, this dude changed his mind right then.

Once again, I was in the wrong place.

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