Sunday, May 13, 2001


Wow! Talk about weird synchratic occurrences! Up at the observatory last night (for visitors' night) and having fun. After most of the public left (the "great unwashed," as we call 'em), Randy, Jeff and I are hanging out in the dome. I mention that I was thinking about Sarah, and about maybe trying to get in touch with her.

Cut to 20 minutes later. Randy had left, and Jeff went downstairs to see who was still around while I moved the scope. He comes back up and says that Sarah's outside! Woo-hoo! So much for my dilemma of calling her mom to get her (Sarah's) address.

Man, she still looks and sounds the same. Great as always. She's living on Colorado, and engaged to be married. Reminiscing ensued, but we didn't bring up the most embarrassing things in respect for her fiancé who was there.:) I won't even bring any of that stuff up here, in case they do look at this site.

I'll send her an email, and hope she stays in touch. There are always certain people you want to keep in contact with, just on general principles. Sarah's one of them.

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