Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Fight!! Fight!!

Tonight is the "Battle Of The Local Meteorologists"

In this corner, Peter Chan from WXMI TV-17.
In the other corner, George Lessens from WZZM TV-13.

Peter has taken some of the snow out of the forecast for later in the week. He thinks that we will be in a "dry slot" on Thursday, with the freezing rain a little farther north, maybe affecting Grand Rapids. He has also said it's "uncertain" and he will know more tomorrow night.

George says that starting late tomorrow night we will see heavy snow through Thursday. A slighter chance of freezing rain up here.

Who will be right? Who really cares. I want it to be sunny and warm during the day, and clear and warm during the night. I don't want to wait until July.

Oh yeah. And what does Craig (this isn't my real name) James from WOOD TV-8 say? Who really gives a rats' ass? I don't watch him or his flunkies. They're a bunch of snobby jerks.

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