Saturday, January 26, 2002


Man, what a day Friday was. First, I had to go into work, which always sucks. Then, about 15 minutes into work, I volunteer (always a bad idea) to go get a piece of our equipment that was found near a church a few blocks away. No problem, it'd be a nice walk, and 20 minutes away from work. Boy, was I wrong.

I got kind of turned around walking down the streets, and it took me nearly an hour to get back to work. Also, it was a tad windier than I thought, so I was cold, despite wearing a jacket. At work, it was busy all day, and my "walk" kind of tired me out. So I needed to relax somehow. And what better way than to go to the observatory, as it was clear.

Pack up the laptop, cameras, etc., and drive out to the "boonies." The moon is in gibbous phase, just to the west of Jupiter in the constellation of Gemini. A beautiful (but windy) clear night. Tried a few special effects shots, and will see how they turn out in a few days.

Getting cold, we (Jeff & Tom were there as well) took off from the hill around 10:00. Back home to talk to Ed on the phone regarding his website. He also told me that I had to thank Dorothy for getting something off the net for me (she said she had to "fight someone for it," and "Well, Ed wouldn't do it, so I had to."). Well, thank you Dorothy.

Now sitting downstairs watching Star Gazer on television. Almost time for beddy-bye.

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