Saturday, January 12, 2002


Ah bliss. A few hours out under the stars. After the day I had, I needed it.

The day started out fine. Then went straight to hell. Not enough help at work thanks to asshole bigwigs who cut labor. So we get slammed. And I'm doing my job plus another one. I actually called and said if I didn't get any help, I was walking away from my post.

Didn't want to go right home after work as I was pissed, so I drove out to Lowell and hung out at Optec for a few hours. Talked to Ron about the race site, and setting up his new one.

Finally came home and spent a few pleasant minutes talking to Diana on IM, then found out around 7 pm that it was clear! Oh Joy!

Called around to see who wanted to go out to observe (after reserving the dome). Tom was out, as he had plans with Amy. Jeff was ready to go, and would meet me out there. Called Bob&Sara, but only talked to the machine. Called Mindy (from work), but she had to pick up someone at 9:30, or she would have "loved to come out" (yeah... sure). Decided not to call Marcy, as she wasn't home and was probably busy having a life. Called Will, and he said he might come out.

Packed up the laptop (as the computer in the dome isn't working) in the old briefcase, as I don't have a proper laptop case as of yet. Grabbed the twins (the cameras) in case "something wonderful" happened (like another aurora). Made it to the hill at 7:30.

Jeff got there, and the Will around 8:30. Had the scope on Saturn, the Jupiter. Will boogied, and then Bob shows up (without &Sara). He had tried to call my phone, but I left it in the car. He finally saw me online, and knew I was out there.

Spent the time looking at Jupiter and two satellite events as Io and Ganymede were eclipsed by the planet, and then moved to Saturn for a few views (much BS'ing and joking about work and other things during this). We finally settled on the Orion Nebula as a fitting tribute to the end of the evening (and we were getting cold).

Stood outside for a few minutes taking in the view, as who knows when it will be clear again around here. A beautiful night. I ended it by stopping and getting gas for Dad's van and coming home. This evening took care of the stress of work. I have to get a better job.

Tomorrow night I might spend in Middle Earth (3rd time for LOTR).

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