Wednesday, January 23, 2002

What's in a Name?

Ah fame. And name-dropping.:)

Just got off the phone a few minutes ago with Ed out in LA. He was calling me from the El Capitan Theater, where he was attending the world premiere of the movie "Count of Monte Cristo." I guess since he did the television spots (trailers) for the movie, it was best for him to be in attendance.

But of course, there were the "brushes with greatness" that he had to tell me about. Like James Colburn being interviewed just outside, and how he had just been standing near Penelope Cruz ("and what a petite thing she is" he stated). Ah well. But so what? I talked to George Lessens last night! Doesn't that mean anything? Doesn't a local meteorologist compare with world famous movie stars? I guess it's not the same.:)

Isn't life boring here in Grand (Bland) Rapids?:)

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