Monday, March 27, 2006


A few things.

1. I took official "ownership" (re: the maintenance) of a new website today. It's for a couple of friends of mine who look for asteroids that could impact the earth. Check them out:

It's still the old design, but soon it will look better (I hope).

2. "Dawn" is reinstated.

NASA today announced that the Dawn mission to the asteroids Vest and Ceres is back on. This is good news: Dawn's an important mission to study these solar system bodies. Much too important to cut the mission. We can learn so much by space exploration, but the silly politicians always have to ruin things.

Space is - to quote Star Trek - "the Final Frontier" and we need to do whatever it takes to gather data on everything out there, and to do everything possible (and conceiveable) to expand the presence of the human race to the stars.

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